I Am Air


The Earth, long my home Through the dark of Winter,
Has yielded to the morning breath of air.
The Plan now urges me to outbreathe,
To expand to meet my desteny.
Why am I here?
For what have I returned this time?
And the air breathes its laughing answer past me.
“You are life.
You are the all in the process of becoming One.
Experience yourself.”


Winter Nature


there’s too much
wonder in this world
not to glare and
stare and gaze and
relish and soak and
bathe and drown in it;
i swear I will never
take for granted
the ways in which the
snowy winds slip and
whistle by my ears,
the ways in which the
sunlight grooves
in her palms and
the ways in which
She makes nature
feel so wonderful.

~joe straynge

Kosho Ryu


Kosho Ryu is an ancient art form founded in about 1245 AD by a monk named Bosatsu.  Legend has it  Bosatsu meditated under an old pine tree and discovered the meaning of true self defense.  Self- defense with no body contact is the highest physical art.  Kosho Ryu artists learn to move such that opponents cannot see, feel or hear them.  By manipulating the attacker perception of their environment, they are able to control their movements, force and aggression.

Today the temple still stands strong in Japan as it did centuries ago.  However, there is no practice of Kosho Ryu at the temple at present, as the monks spend their most of their time with their religious practices.

The  most apparent reminder of the past is an old plaque found on the  temple grounds dedicated to Bosatsu.